G0VHF/P ::
144/432, March 2010

Could have been a disaster, this! And it is a long story, but it turned out OK in the end.
Thanks to G0DVJ and Ipswich Radio Club through the loan of their permanent shack and 17 ele MET 2-Metre aerial we were finally able to put in a competitive effort for this one.

[06/07 March 2010]

90 degrees

[06/07 March 2010]

A reduced array on 70cms did not look too good at the start and the conditions - much QSB and multipath - were quite wearing. But the PA behaved itself, the 300W SSPA on 2M did not interfere ~too~ much with 70cms operations so were were able to put in a reasonable score.

CCG 10 Mar 2010

What's Next

2016 Contest Season

RSGB 144MHz Trophy Contest/IARU

Callsign: G0VHF/P
Date: 20160903-04
Time: 14:00Z - 14:00Z
Loc: JO01PU
Rig: TBA

RSGB 2nd 70MHz Contest

Date: 20160918
Time: 09:00Z - 12:00Z

RSGB October 432MHz-248GHz Contest / IARU

Date: 20161001-02
Time: 14:00Z - 14:00Z
Loc: JO01PU
Rig: 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm, 3cm, 24GHz
incorporating (Sat 14->22Z):
RSGB 1.2GHz Trophy
RSGB 2.3GHz Trophy

RSGB 50MHz AFS Contest

Date: 20161016
Time: 09:00Z - 13:00Z

144MHz Marconi Memorial CW Contest

Date: 20161105-06
Time: 14:00Z - 14:00Z


Date: 20161204
Time: 10:00Z - 16:00Z

RSGB Christmas Cumulatives

Date: 26 - 29 December